What do we do?

Approved Home Care Services (AHCS) focuses on the provision of home care services and the delivery of information that will help referring professionals, patients (and their families/loved ones) to make informed decisions. In support of this. AHCS offer a unique set of services to related patients and product/service providing organisations.

AHCS is not a government or affiliated approval body, it is a company that offers an a number of home care solutions and Approval Status to related providers which is based on the verification of the service providers credentials and their ability to deliver services. The components of the approval process often answer questions that the receiver of a service may like to have knowledge of before taking the service. This means the ‘service requester’ may devote less time and expense to researching the particular organisation.

A Service Requester in this context is a client/patient that needs assistance or support, a professional that wishes to refer a client to us/an organisation we list for consultation, advice or assessment, a 3rd party/family/support group that need advice or direction when looking to fulfill a requirement (staff, professionals, products and services) for a patient.

Healthcare organisations listed by us benefit in the following ways: 1 Being listed in a directory that is focused on home care customers needs, 2 The ability to create your own presence pictures and text for free. 3 The ability to have your customers key questions/concerns answered in advance, 4. to relay your key message directly to your customers, 5 the ability to brand your organisation with a level of quality/approval.


What do we specialise in?

Home-care service can be a critical healthcare service which enables quality-of-life for many patients and their families / carers. We list many of the support groups, organisations and service providers that may be needed.

  • Home-care: Social workers; Homemaker – Attendant; Home delivered meals; Monitoring systems; Medical equipment; Health aids/care aids and Religious Support;
  • Healthcare Professionals: Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy, Nutritionist, Specialist Doctors and Consultants and Dentists;
  • Care for Conditions: We are also specialist in providing care resources for specific conditions some odf which are: Alzheimer/Dementia, Hypertension/Stroke, Heart Disease, Cancer;Recovery, Osteoarthritis, Neuromuscular/Disorder, Paraplegia/Quadriplegia and End-of-life care;
  • Care Homes in Ireland: Convalescing, Nursing, Residential, Hospice and condition specific Care homes.


Get in touch

If you need support services in any area relater to Home-care contact us or use our listing service to find the desired service.

We can provide home help, carers and/or professional healthcare staff for frequent, occasional or one-off work schedules.