Meals delivered to you at home

If the patient and/or the carer has trouble cooking or feeding themselves, we can help by providing nutritious meals for both or either party. Our home delivered meals service ranges from provision of meals at home, in community centres and in residential care homes.

Types of assistance with meals

We all know that eating a balanced diet is important. With this in mind we offer a range of services to assist those who are, for a number of reasons, un able to provide their own meals (e.g. frail aged, people with a disability/conditions and/or carers that do not have time to cook in among there other day-to-day tasks. Services include:

  • delivery of meals at home.
  • diet, nutrition and food storage advice
  • tuition/instruction in food preparation and cooking
  • support with meal preparation and shopping and

Meals on Wheels and other service providers

Not-for-profit organisations can deliver cooked, chilled or frozen meals to your/your patients home. Some groups cater for meals for people of particular backgrounds, cultures or religions and can also provide for specific dietary requirements such as lactose intolerance. There is likely to be a fee for the Home Delivered Meal service.

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Home delivered meal services:

Nutritional and dietary support: