Monitoring, caring and communicating

Sometimes home care means that you need to provide alert systems that provide an extra level of security. With this in mind we deliver a number of products and services.

  • Comfort visit – face to face visit to allay loneliness, assess stat of mind/living and
  • Monitoring location and falls – monitor the patient or loved one 24/7/365 and/or get alerts if the person slips of falls
  • CCTV – installed cameras to give added comfort and security to those that need it.
  • Covert care monitoring – If you feel your love one or the carer needs to be monitored for legal reasons we have covert systems that can help.
  • Telephone care – We can call those that need this type of support as a one-off, periodically or frequently. Helps where insecure environments, loneliness, isolation or remote communities are factors.

Contact us if you need any number of the above services.