Find a Social Worker in Ireland

The best method is via your local medical center – go to see your community nurse/doctor s/he will complete a referral form with you or on your behalf and submit it to the appropriate HSE Social Worker Team. They in turn will assess it and respond according to need and available resources.

Need a social worker?

Finding a good social worker that is specialists in the right area to support your needs is fairly straight forward in Ireland (ROI), However they are not available in large numbers so access is screened and allocated on a needs basis.

What do social workers do?

Social workers have many aspect and areas in which the work but In the context of home care social workers can assist with the delivery of care plans which may include assessments, planning (immediate/medium/long term) referral to other specialist health care or community support teams.

Social Work Defined – what is it about

Registered social workers are required to meet the standards set out in the Social Workers Registration Board’s Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics for Social Workers. Social work is a formal registered profession.

The national organisation of professional social workers in the Republic of Ireland is The Irish Association of Social Workers (founded in 1971)

Social work promotes social change and development, it is concerned with social cohesion, the empowerment and liberation of people. It is also largely an academic discipline and practice-based profession. Elements central to Social work are: collective responsibility, human rights and respect for diversities. Its based on theories of social work, humanities, social sciences and indigenous knowledge. It engages people and structures to address life challenges and enhance well being.

To get more information about social work in Ireland, visit the Irish Association of Social Workers. The Association has a number of groups on its Council:
• Ageing/older persons
• Children and Families
• Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service
• Council of Irish Adoption Agencies
• Disability
• Head medical social workers
• Practitioner Researcher
• New social workers
• Social workers in adult mental health
• Social workers in foster care
• Social workers in primary care
• Social workers in probation
• The International Affairs Committee
• The Irish Social Worker Journal (Editorial Committee)